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Commission Info!

COMMISSIONS: Currently Closed!


1. BTech (Fallout Pony)
2. StoreAndersFN (Greyscale and Seabreeze Pony OCs)
3. StoreAndersFN (Seabreeze Swimming)
4. Aru (Ahri Ponyfied)
5. Mel (Luna and others)
6. Birdco (It's a surprise!)


No one yet!

Note: I only work on ONE piece at a time. Limbo is for people who haven't paid me yet* (or oddly, still have no idea what they want**). You move out of Limbo to the final spot in the active list by paying and telling me what you want.

IMPORTANT: Please don't add up the price, or make an offer. The prices listed are a general outline to help you understand where I'm coming from.

Yes, the following is a bit lengthy, but it's mostly because I'm a crazy person. Anyone with a sense of decency and logic will find what I've laid out pretty reasonable. XD I'm mostly covering my butt for those people who really, really love to torture artists with loopholes.

Now without further ado:


Prices: (all are in Canadian Dollars - you will need paypal or a credit card!)


(All OCs and show characters are welcome!)

$10 - Sketchy sketch! Get yourself a sketch. It'll be...sketchy.
Computerfreak Sketch~! by DembaiPoysketch - Huskylithe by Dembai
$20 - A normal cel-shaded character (And basic adornments, like jewelry, socks, scarves, BASIC magic effects, etc)
24 Hour Art Mare-a-thon: Princess Wellwishes by Dembai 24 Hour Art Mare-a-Thon: Event Horizon by Dembai
Add $10 - Complex clothing/armor/magic effects.
Lesson on Windegos by Dembai Okami Commission! by Dembai
Add $10 - Super-complex characters (with no reference sheet, since there's probably going to be redraws)
Protect the Dodo by Dembai Dragonform: Rebuilding the Clubhouse by Dembai
Add $5 - Crossover work (per character)
SEPHI-PONY: Derpderpderp by Dembai 24-Hour Art Mare-a-thon: Pinkienaut by Dembai
Add $10 - Significant design work (no reference for complex outfits)
Jazzfox by Dembai Goth Fairy by Dembai
Add $10 - Airbrush color instead of cel-shading color
Derpy's Socks by Dembai Chance in a thong by Dembai
Add $15 - Each additional character (maximum 6 in total!)


$10 - A basic background.
Derpy's Socks by Dembai Happy Hearts and Hooves Day! by Dembai
Add $20 - A complex background that there is reference for.
Shy Glances by Dembai Star Swirl the Bearded by Dembai
Add $30 - A complex background that there is NO reference for/an EXTREMELY complex background.
Lesson on Windegos by Dembai Moon Joy by Dembai Dragonform: Rebuilding the Clubhouse by Dembai


1. No porn, no gore, no fetishes. Basically what you would see in a Disney cartoon movie is the "worst" you can get. If you aren't sure, just ask!

2. No off-personality nonsense for established characters. This is to keep my watchers happy and to avoid retaliation from people who wouldn't get your in-joke.

3. If you're asking me to go outside my usual style, it's at your own risk. I can emulate things outside my normal style, but it may not be to your liking...please consider that before you request something unusual.

4. No haggling allowed - unless you're willing to make changes to your request. I will be giving you the final total for your commission - I also reserve the right to change my price list at any time.

5. Full up-front payment via Paypal before I put you in the 'active' list. (Note: if you have a credit card, you can use it without signing up for paypal!)

6. Once sketch-confirmation has occurred, you CANNOT change your mind. I also reserve the right to put my foot down about frequency of design changes (if we start going to extremes, eventually I need to say no!).

7. I reserve the right to refuse any commission. If you receive a refusal notice, DO NOT send it to me again without SIGNIFICANT CHANGES. (I will give you reasons for my refusal. Don't take it personally. Sometimes I may be forced to refuse due to knowing my own limitations - I dislike doing inferior work even when I'm NOT being paid for it!)

8. I'm NOT taking requests, or trades at all during this time. Please don't ask.

How to submit:

1. Include all VISUAL references for your character, especially if it's an OC. This includes references for any clothing or armor. It's okay if the clothing or armor is on a human character and you want it on an animal character instead.

2. Include the PERSONALITY of your OC (or obscure BG character). This doesn't have to be very long, just a general idea of what they're like (even if you say, "she's shy like Fluttershy") - this will help me capture your character nicely. (please no crazy-long histories either!)

3. Try not to be too detailed in what you want them to be doing - it's fine to say "have them working at the bar", but the more we get into precise pose detail, the less happy you will be with the final result (trust me on this - if you've got an exact image in your mind, I can't read your mind, and I'll never get it right!). Simple ideas like "hugging a tree" or "sitting like a human" or "playing with a ball of yarn" are easy enough to capture, I don't really need further help with limb placement. <3

4. If you're shipping two or more characters, let me know that it's romantic attraction - otherwise I may assume it's friendshipping.

5. If you're getting a background done, try to find SOME reference for it. Remember, no reference = higher price!

6. An email I can send the payment request to. Since this is not a donation, but a sale, I must request the amount from you according to Paypal's rules (it's a weird Canada thing). You can use a trash email if you like. I don't mind!

Fun things you will get:

~ The chance to watch the whole image being drawn! I always stream my art!
~ The full-sized image for your own records.
~ Image resizing and icons/banners for no additional fee! (Provided no extra design work is needed and I'm just cropping the image)

Huge Update, the good, the bad, the derpy

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 23, 2017, 9:31 AM




Since otherwise, this would be the longest, most insane rant ever, I'll keep it short and sweet.

Current issues: 'Episodes' where I feel suddenly dizzy, weak, confused, I slur my words and feel an uncontrollable urge to sleep. These can strike with little warning and can be triggered by stress, or excitement, HOWEVER, that's not always the case. Sometimes I have about an hour's warning as my ability to function slowly deteriorates. Other people usually notice before I do.

What it isn't: Brain damage that is obvious on an MRI. Thyroid, adrenals, my current medication. It also doesn't look like diabetes, heart issues, lung issues, asthma, anxiety, stress, or SEIZURES (finally got those ruled out - not epileptic, was just stressed out of my mind because of medication changes), sleep apnea, hormones, or anemia.

What it still might be: Brain damage that doesn't show up on an MRI - like post-concussion syndrome. Might also be Nacrolepsy (but this is much LESS likely), or 'silent migraines'.

What we're treating: NOTHING. I'm currently on a consistency study for two months where I have to record every episode, any triggers or warnings and so forth.

Why this matters: It means that we're not trying to 'get me better', we're trying to figure out if I'm actually getting better on my own. If this is due to a concussion I suffered a few years ago (and foolishly didn't care for myself afterwards) I MAY just get better on my own. And so far, oddly, it's been slow, but I AM starting to have fewer of these episodes.




LONGER STORY: My husband was doing some consulting (he's a professional chef) for someone who wanted to open a nerd bar. He really, REALLY wanted us to move, but we were refusing because my stupid health problems. But then he heard that I was an artist, and he had me do a mini stream for him to talk about things and went "I know you're sick, and I understand that you'll have to take time off at random to deal with that, but would you like to be our artist?"

So...yeah. That happened. And we moved. I'm a lead artist for a nerd bar. And while I'm still unwell, my boss seems very happy to work with me despite that. So...I'm so humbled and grateful for that.

So...I've also been doing a TON of art (under NDA up until recently!) and pulling insane hours to get it all done. And while yes, I still need to suddenly cut out, I record my hours and still do full time work (even if it's timed oddly).



On hold, but stay tuned. I know. I've done a TON of art for my new job, BUT employment is super important. And I hate that I've still delayed so much, and I'm very distressed about it. I just hope you can forgive me.



Much love, but I don't think it's responsible to take on any more commissions at the moment!



Art that needs to be finished. Still plowing ahead!

1. StoreAndersFN (Greyscale and Seabreeze Pony OCs) ~~~ Colors Started
2. StoreAndersFN (Seabreeze Swimming)
3. Aru (A dragon - until he changes his mind again)
4. Mel (Luna and others)

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